XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

The end of summer.

Dear 27,
Labor day was anything but laborious. I ate too much, drank Makers and spent lots of time doing anything but preparing for my big two week travel adventure. Here's the recap.
- I documented 2 days of egg breakfasts. That's right. EGGS. Forget the recall, my health and the fact that mice, decay and other disgusting things were found among the incredible, edible. I made Eggs + everything in Laura's kitchen. And ate heartily. Without getting poisoned.
 - I spent hours with the crafty ladies of Ephemera and attended the opening of the Vanimal's show, "People of the Snakes." You should go down and check it out, in fact-- get a limited run print for only $10 and support my friend and talented artist. (While you're there by a $10 Desired Awning bag to help Arin and Karen put up that darling red awning.)
-BONUS: they've sold 61 of my postcards since March. I think I'm well on my way to the 100 total goal on the list.
- Made manhattans. I'm not sure I can say I made a good tasting one, but it was surely a start. Thanks MD, CK and CP for bearing with me and drinking my less than perfect round one. (Side note: Sweet vermouth tastes like a strange savory saucy thing. Not delicious on it's own.)
 - Started yet another roll of film.
- Saw the famed Marilyn scene in The Seven Year Itch.
- Discovered my goodwill-purchased-polaroid-camera has film in it!
- Went to a big-time family BBQ (thank you Sara) with slow-smoked brisket, fish that was caught-cleaned-battered-fried by a couple I chatted with, sighted a Bieber look-a-like and had arguably the greatest carrot cake of all time.
 - Watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I laughed. There. I said it.
- TIE DYED. Both my hands and some scarves.
Whew. That was exhausting to type. LA now.
(For those of you playing along at home. "Where in the World is Laura Palmer" I'm Universal City bound.)