XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Travel Bender.

Dear 27,
Part one of the 12 days of travel takes me to not-so-sunny California. Many a tune has been penned in her honor. I think I sing at least 5 of them on plane rides out here or while stuck in the traffic. I'd try to post them for you but STILL can't seem to get a playlist to cooperate.

(At least my 1am hotel arrival and dreary day one didn't offer much sun, especially after a few unforeseen and nonawesome plan changes. California, however, redeemed itself today.) Finally finished another book. Thanks Jen for sending me what has proved to be a new favorite. Have written postcards, thank you notes, and too many emails to count with my second unexpected free afternoon. Might have even managed a sunburn. 
A few more sun drenched days ahead.
Until then,