XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

I'm a terrible pretend waitress.

Dear 27,
Minnesota was great fun, as expected. Found a photo booth at the Lyndale Tap House and headed back to Cooper for a night cap.
Tried scotch (sorry Mom, guess I'm that girl who sips scotch. who knew) and thought it delicious.
And waited on a table. Poorly. While wearing what was dubbed a "matronly" outfit. Good thing I had my "mr. rogers" neon yellow sweater to draw attention away from my lack of menu knowledge. I'm not really sure why or how that came about. But I served drinks, brought (and then promptly took away) menus and described a mustard "so hot it might burn a hole in your nose." I should probably stick to what I know.
Farewell Minnesota. And farewell future career in the service industry.
Back home for about 18 hours. NYC in the morning. Terribly excited.