XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

You're full of masculine charm.

Dear 27,
A mini-stop in Minnesota. A lovely evening in Wayzata.
Then a stop at Cooper. (Thanks for the super service Reba. You're a delight.)
And the return of the 1 and -1. Still bizarre.

I stumbled on 8tracks and hope to be able to post music successfully and without coding error (I really don't know what blogger jargon I just used, but it sounded cool.)

In other news, I just can't get enough Rob Sheffield. His new book is high on my to-read list and you have to read Love is a Mixtape (it's heartbreakingly brilliant. the way he speaks of music, and love, and bourbon is perfect. I'll even loan you my copy with all the highlighted parts. because nothing connects to the moment like music, right friend?)
I better get to reading. And to work. And to packing. NYC trip begins on Wednesday.

And Des Moines. I miss you.