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A Love Letter History.

I'm a total Gleek.

Dear 27,
What I'm about to write will confirm my status as a big time nerd. I think, however, that many Fox watching musical loving Americans feel the same way. They just may not have taken it to this level...
Last night we celebrated the first Glee Potluck complete with Schuester's Pie, Artie-choke pizza, Slushies and Rachel Barry Cobbler. 
The only thing missing, oddly, was Glee. But there were party favors, good company and a few "step cross step cross snap snap jazz hands" moves.
(Don't worry, we were able to catch it on Hulu today. You can too.)
Jenni gave Glee's premiere a pretty average rating but confirms we had "this" much fun.

ps- Kerry. I thought Funny Girl was pretty great. A little long. Like 2.5 hours long. But I enjoyed it. Barbara is a star. And yes, Hello Gorgeous.