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A Love Letter History.

Sam Cookin' up a delicious pizza.

Dear 27,
Before I share my newest additions to the MacGuyver Style cookbook I know all you readers are compiling, a little list of music to go all culinary on. Every kitchen needs a good playlist, an apron, a cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon.
(Visit Joanne at Kitchen Collage. She'll assist you with the proper tools and an appropriately frilly apron.)

Check out the finished product.
A very detailed egg recipe.
One more recipe will be up this week-- a macguyvered up pizza, where I actually had to adhere to a recipe for the most part. I'll get the details for Sara's favorite crust and get back to you.
Here's a few action shots from the Sunday pizza fest.
Photo credit: Sara Springer + Liberty School
Now get cooke-in.