XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

The view from the 86th floor.

Dear 27,
After 5 days in Los Angeles and a quick stop in Minneapolis, I flew off to NYC to meet my mother and explore the city that never sleeps. (And by the time I got there, I felt like I too had never slept. That's a lot of miles in a week. Also, LaGuardia Airport is one of the least wonderful places I've ever been. And that's being polite.)

NYC was pretty spectacular. I must admit, embarrassingly, most of what I know about the city (and it's uptowns, midtowns, downtowns, and upper east sides) is from Gossip Girl, repeat watchings of Sex and the City and weekly visits to NYMag. The city is all hustle and bustle. Just like Carrie Bradshaw would say I'm sure. (yes. that is embarrassing.)

We camped out at the MAve where the "lobby" was red and the room was about 225 sq feet. There was a photo in the room that looked oddly like Lindsay Lohan (post-Parent Trap, but pre-prison) and our view was a breathtaking look at the building next door-- but it was perfect.

A visit to the Union Square Market and my Manhattan in Manhattan with the Allsteel crew at the beautiful Flatiron Lounge (in addition to a blackberry mint julep type bourbon drink that was delicious) and I was nearly ready to call it a night. Three time zones, one week, wow, I was sleepy.

Day 2 in the big apple held a visit to MoMA and a picture of me with Frida Kahlo. Of course. (Bummed I missed the upcoming Abstract Expressionism exhibit, but it was so cool to see pieces I studied in college LIVE. This trip to MoMA also confirmed the fact that I am not a big Matisse fan. I feel a little like less of an Art lover, but I'm just not that into him. Craig Adcock, Modern Art Professor at the University of Iowa, I agree with you. Art inspired by the master Matisse is much better than the man himself. Although you never said this explicitly, I know you meant it.) Then there was lunch with Raisa, the bartenderess/musical theater actress from Shakopee, MN at The House.

Finally, the main event (this is about the time of night tornadoes were hitting Brooklyn) with Designer Pages NY + Allsteel + Rich, Brilliant, Willing + Ms. Dubbeldam.

I had so much fun with Erin and Nicole and meeting the kind Midwesterners from Designer Pages. Thanks (Mary Palmer) for a terrific NYC evening!

Day 3 in NYC was full. Mom and I had a whole day ahead of us that included:
- A Matt Lauer sighting.
- Breakfast at Rockefeller Center.
- A Sandy Cohen sighting as he filmed something in Central Park. (His eyebrows were sweating.)
- Many photos taken of myself in Central Park. (Many people staring at me with troubled looks as I took pictures of myself in Central Park.)
- Making friends with Igor at the Russian Tea Room where everything is red and beers cost $14.
- Touring the Garment District just to see Mood fabrics and doing Tim Gunn impressions at Stitch.
- We wandered over to the Empire State Building, had a classic cocktail at the Empire Room where Sedrick from Alabama served us some complimentary popcorn. I think it was the combination of truffle laced popcorn and moscow mules that fueled our need to see NYC from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building-- it truly took my breath away.
- And finally, we ended up at 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar in Manhattan that was a happenin place. We met the Kirby family-- our English soulmates. Hi Mary, Cate and Tracey!
Thanks so much Mom. 
The NYC adventure (which is now crossed off the list) was waaay more fun with you.
(yes. Super long post. Expect 3 MacGuyver recipes this week. Proof I wore an apron and made dough, plus news of raising some dough too.)