XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

The first step to overcoming the addiction.

Dear 27,
During the three months without a functioning television last year I read all the time. There was not much else to do, but I also found myself enjoying the distraction-free living. And then, Netflix happened. Netflix on demand has changed my life. I can watch TV and movies at all hours of the day, whenever I want, from my bed, my kitchen, or a booth at Smokey Row.

I find myself watching some of the worst movies and shows I've ever seen: sucked in by their on-demand-ness. And now, I'm looking at my list and, as many have pointed out, I'm only three books into that 27 goal with a short six months left.

What books can you suggest that are quick and interesting reads?

I'm Laura. And I'm a Netflix on demand addict.
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