XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Hey good lookin'.

Dear 27,
After a long day of catching up at the office, I ran home to grab tongs, a paring knife, a chef's knife, a dish towel, a dish cloth, a vegetable peeler and $12 before heading over to Hoover High School.
Karen, Laura, Emily and I hovered over stoves in the home-ec room with about 8 other ladies (most of whom were old enough to be our mothers) channeling our inner Paula Deen. Class began with a fried chicken tutorial that used, without exaggeration, 48 ounces of Crisco and ended with a Southern Cooking buffet made by the four of us and our fall-themed sweater wearing classmates. 
A full plate of fried chicken, smothered pork chops, collard greens (that were cooked in a pot with a ham hock), macaroni and cheese, grits, fried cabbage and creamed corn and peach cobbler. Really I think I ate my weight in southern style goodness.
So the corn burned a bit to the bottom of the pan and was really salty...people still ate and enjoyed it. I made sure to use extra butter on everything, bring an apron and say y'all at least once. Thanks Laura, Karen and Emily for joining me on this high caloric evening.
I'm still full. And smell like fried Crisco.