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A Love Letter History.

Muskies are 'bout it 'bout it.

Dear 27,
Thank you John Krieger. Your infinite awesomeness at age 17 forever burned the phrase "muskies are 'bout it 'bout it" both into my brain and into MHS history. You were like an early Jersey Shore with your hot dance moves ("come on ride the train" was genius) and your cult following. All the girls loved you. All the guys pretended they didn't want to be you. You're a legend of sorts or someone who had enough pull in high school to get the entire student council to agree that "'bout it 'bout it" was a terrific way to promote Muskie pride at homecoming. I still don't know what that means.
While you had football and girlfriends, I had a locker next to Shawn Reed and a slew of boys who were friends (all of whom had a thing for Becca or my sister Jen or for riding in Jake Fox's truck wearing Goodwill t-shirts.) They all loved punk rock music.
Oh how I loved the punk rock and the ska and the skanking. (That was the term for Stover dancing. Not sure it's technical. But I recall it being used in reference to a skipping move that was like gentle moshing. Not like skanky skanking.)

An ode to the high school.

ps. The tour-de-travel continues tomorrow. And the Bad Dreams Ball post. And (fingers crossed) a live show for October.
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