XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

This much.

Dear 27,
I think I have a crush on Palm Springs. The airport is clean. The signage is bright. The people are well dressed. Compliments are freely granted. I had a man at the Starbucks this morning call me a "dear," while the barista referred to me as Laura so often while I waited for my coffee I felt like I was a regular. The list of reasons to draw hearts around PS on my trip itinerary continually grow.
I spotted this gem that feels like it leapt from  DesignSponge and onto to Palm Canyon Drive.
I had a burger at Tyler's (A cash-only burger joint. Cash-only places typically annoy me. And I'm not a big burger orderer, but I went for it. And wasn't disappointed or annoyed.) We dined outside with mist-ers and the locals and the pigeons on the 95 degree day.
The trip was off to a stressful start last night (a very stressful one), but I think my luck is turning around. Newport Coast tonight for a delightfullly entertaining meal. CA for the rest of the week...
(window to window)
"on the road"LAURAComment