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A Love Letter History.

Garam Masala.

Dear 27,
Although we're only three days into our relationship, November and I have done quite a lot together. There was the voting we did on Tuesday. I was #310 at the little elementary school where I filled in my circles. While I was pretty disappointed in my fellow Iowans after the results came in, I do love voting. I just wish more people voted with an informed opinion. And that there were I voted stickers and the little red-white-blue curtains around the booths.
Then there is the Indian Food making + eating night with the KarenBrady. Having never eaten Indian Food, I didn't know what to expect, but KarenBrady and I conquered a whole heap of somosas. Our instructor was soft spoken (so we missed a few directions along the way) but we managed to put together about 75 somosas during the 3 hour class. The blend of spices our instructor put together for her garam masala was fragrant (like all over your clothes and hair fragrant, into your living room fragrant, woke up still smelling it fragrant) and seasoned the lamb stuffing mixture perfectly.    
We also were able to taste several savory dishes: (and smell) chicken wings, fried vegetable patties (it was like a crab cake but with peas and carrots and mushy bread fried golden brown, my description sounds sick, but it was really quite good, and our instructor's favorite dish), bell pepper and potato fritters (I'm blaming the cooks for this debacle). Then there were the sweet treats, most of which were puddings: rice, carrot and something else. KarenBrady and I adored, however, the rose balls (we laughed too): Gulab Jamun
Please note how serious I am about frying somosas.
November is full of adventures-- more to report soon.