XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Puck Yes.

Dear 27,
Hockey time. The group-sales Mike helped me put together a great group of friends (nearly 25 people) for last night's Bucs (with one c) game. There was even a welcome message on the ticket window. "Palmer Party" signs always indicate a good time. That and $2 20oz beers. Wildcat Den would have been proud.
Ran into the mascot. Wouldn't you know it, we wore the same outfit. Guess I was a Bucs fan all along.
Too bad I didn't throw the eye patch I have in with my bag of popcorn, pop-tarts and camera before leaving the house. We were welcomed on the video board (or at least I'm going to guess it was our Palmer Group and not The Palmer Group of West Des Moines.) We did get a shout out from the announcer though, who thanked the "Laura Palmer Group" for attending.
There were no serious fights, there was a lot of rowdy hollers from our group as the Bucs continued to score. There were no "flying pucks" in our section, thankfully. I'd say my first trip to Bucs arena was a (buc)wild success. Although there were much bigger hockey fans than I in the crowd, I had a super time and might even see another game before the season ends.
Thanks to the Palmer Party for joining me. We were easily the best looking people there.

ps- Read my friend Brianne's recap of Buc Night (complete with a much more wonderful pic of the Buc mascot and her newly crocheted scarf.)