XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

It was a BreAdventure.

Dear 27,
I am not a baker. It's debatable if I could call myself a cook, but a baker I certainly am not. I don't follow recipes well, in the kitchen or in life. So as I set out to complete the Yesvember list, seeing the 2 flour fueled tasks (both bread and a cake) made me shake in my apron. But spoon in hand, disposable bread pans at my side I tackled the challenge.
Sunday, November 7th isn't officially homemade bread day, but for me it was bake five loaves of bread day. I used four different recipes: Banana Bread, Buttermilk Bread, Raisin Bread, and a Cinnamon Swirl Bread. (Overkill, yes. I guess I just decided I needed to use all the buttermilk today.) Only one of the recipes used yeast, the raisin bread, and it was the most difficult with the resting and the rising and the need for a mixer and me not having one. But wow. I impressed myself with that Raisin bread. Hands down the best bread of the four. Probably all the resting and rising and no mixer.
One more thing-- It was World Run Day today-- and awesomely beautiful outside. Before the baking began I made the most of this November hotness and participated with a short jog. (Let's be real, I messed up running the 5k, a "short jog" is really as good as it gets in LPland.)
Week 2 of Yesvember is off and running.