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Dear 27,
In the big year of the blog and the list I've been thinking a lot about the lifetime bucket list, not just in this one year of 27. "What do I want to be when I grow up?" is an ever-reoccuring question (in addition to, "how will I ever be able to muster up the guts to give blood this year?" and "I wonder if I'll actually buy a new car before the Focus quits on me?" and "Wow. I really should be reading more." I realize the third isn't really a question, but I know we're all thinking it. 27 books.)
Yesterday I stumbled upon this article on the (most wonderful) NY Times music site. What an awesome job Mr. Jones has-- putting together the playlists for Starbucks
Here's the playlist he compiled for the Times feature. These are the songs Mr. Jones picked to be "...sipped and savored in the chill and brilliant heart of fall."

Feeling inspired by Mr. Jones and Starbucks music and the jobs no one has ever thought of. Now. For my picks. Because while I'm not the music picker (seriously, what an awesome job) for Starbucks, I do live my days to an internal playlist.

What would be on your coffee house playlist? 
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