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A Love Letter History.

Poof we had a good time.

Dear 27,
A mountain of a weekend in Denver with two of my oldest friends (not old like old, but old like long time friends). The city showed us a great time and we had the kindest hostess.

While I didn't do an outdoorsy walk in the brisk weather, we did hike through the Coors Brewery. It counts. And here's the long awaited pic of me and a mountain.
We ate some serious dinners (including a night of Sexy Pizza and binging on sequin covered clothing), laughed about high school stories and made new friends. I might be exaggerating on the "made new friends" part, but I did draw a get-well-soon card for someone at Argyll whilst sipping a Booker's Manhattan and talking about snail-mail with the manager. That's friendly, not weird at all. If you go to Argyll, and I think you should Denver readers and visitors, get the stuffed dates. They are delicious.
Rebec and Lindsay, the long weekend was something fierce. See you soon friends.

ps- YESvember list update tomorrow!