XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Halfway through YESvember.

Dear 27,
YESvember has been a busy month, but I've managed to make a dent in the list. 
Let me give you a couple updates.
2-  Create my font
This one was a fail- no scanner and no time meant no font entry with DesignSponge. You can see the finalists on the site. I'll post my entry (when I finish it) and we can decide if it was finalist worthy. We'll take a vote of my 26 readers. Watch for that in the coming weeks.

8-  Read DRIVE.
Not only am I reading the book-- but I get to hear Daniel Pink speak in December.

16- Participate in a human pyramid.
I'm looking for volunteers to assemble this. Perhaps it will happen ON the Center Street Bridge or during dinner at the Flying Mango?

19- Find Templeton Rye. Order a manhattan.
Amy and Tim both informed me that this could be tougher than I thought. Looks like the next batch isn't out until December, but I haven't given up hope. 

22- See Da Vinci @ SCI.
Thinking I'll get there this weekend. Who's with me?

27- Annual LP handmade holiday cards.
Send me your mailing address if you want to be on the recipient list.

Much left to do in the next 14 days.