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A Love Letter History.

What if it was an actual parade of wolves?*

Dear 27,
A Thursday night road trip to Iowa City for a band of Canadian rockers: Wolf Parade. "What a bodacious name!"  After a brief dinner at Quinton's where a table of dudes were talking about Alex Mack, we headed next door to the theater where a gentleman in a tuxedo with tails was manning the door. The Englert, while an odd place to hold a show where everyone is standing (the band referenced how quiet the place was between songs-- we Iowans are a respectful bunch-- and that the orchestra pit kept people about 8 feet from the stage front), it is a beautiful venue. I hadn't been inside the place since the 2005 New Horizons Band Spring Concert. That show was nearly as rowdy as this one.
An eclectic crowd only Iowa City could produce filled the theater for Ogre you asshole of Japan who had the denim-clad-hoodie-wearing-scarf-accessorized crowd hipster-bobbing their heads (that's what I've titled that dance, Will.) The man next to me, in his full length sparkly patchwork denim jacket with leopard printed pants noodle-danced with the very-pregnant woman next to him. *There was considerable talk of what a real wolf parade would be like. Sounds awesome and terrifying. Much like the man next to me.
Wolf Parade played a set (Want a copy of the set list? Ask Tim.) that had the crowd on their feet for the whole show. Sounding a bit like Modest Mouse + David Bowie, that keyboard player in the middle, who looks a little like Jack Black, sang like there was a whole choir in his mouth. It was really incredible. Thanks for the invite/peer pressure-- It was a rockin' good time.
Too bad we couldn't stay- Paula Cole is playing tonight.("oh I know your back hurts from workin' on the tractor." That's a real line from "Where have all the Cowboys Gone." I am not sure how your brain stores up lyrics of songs you haven't heard in years. I'll ask the neurologist about that.)
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