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A Love Letter History.

In my vast travel experience...

Dear 27,
Time is getting away from me. While my Valentine's day (and many days following) were spent curled up on the couch, without cable and with many congestion medications, I did manage to see a great show pre-coldfest 2011.
Will you be my Valentine?
When Tim and Will suggested I go see Best Coast in Omaha, I'll be honest, I wasn't too excited about the music part, but I have devoted this year to adventures, and having only been to the Qwestcenter and never to the "actual city" of Omaha, I bought my $18 ticket and was ready to go. After watching this video of Freddie Gibbs and the Best Coast lead singer, I was a bit put off by the gal and the band and the  beachy beats. But Best Coast played a great set and damn it was a fun night. And the lead singer was darling (and probably high).
In addition to checking out the Crescent Moon per Larry's suggestion, Julie took us to Nebraska's Premiere Cigar Lounge, Jake's where I had the worst (but very highly recommended) bourbon I've ever tried, George Stagg and was asked if I was of Native American descent. Omaha did not disappoint.
The weather was beautiful, my concert companions were delightful. A midge-free evening, indeed.