XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

So a dragking and a pianist walk into a bar...

Dear 27,
After January granted me 31 blissful days, February has had a tough act to follow.
So far, it has yet to disappoint. After a bigtime Bulldog win (and a super fun trip to the Twin Cities-- Thanks L&E for graciously hosting me at Casa de Barrett), I hurried back for "the best party of the year in Des Moines."* Lots of dancing, including a seriously well-choreographed "Proud Mary" tribute by the one and only Tone. It was a blast.
The adventures haven't ceased in February's week two. Jenni and I made another post-work trip to Iowa City for the love of music. Fitz and the Tantrums played a soulful, dancey, tambourine-seasoned set at the Blue Moose Tap House. (Iowa City people, this is what was formerly known as the Q Bar. And there are no long pool tables. There are now tall boys, a half a moose that's decorated with ladies undergarments and a stainless steel bathroom.) Fitz and the Tantrums boogied all over the stage in suits and put on one hell of a show. 

Before hitting the old-Q-bar, we met some great people at the Atlas and had a whole world of fun with Emily and the man in Cedar Rapids Opera with the orange-and-blue-diamonded-socks. (Hi new friends!!) There were new Valentine ideas drawn on napkins, discussions on the merits of social media and the world's most delicious buffalo chicken burrito. Live Show #13 officially crossed off the list.

More to come in February...