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A Love Letter History.

[Rocky] Balboa.

Dear 27,
In an effort to blog all 12 of my upcoming travel-free days (and to meet the challenge set forth by JP and the other JP), I'm heading back to Balboa Park (or at least sharing a bit more about this spectacular place and my sweet little Blackberry photos).
I had been advised to see Balboa Park by several San Diegoans so on my final day in SD (Not this SD, but this one) I set off for this "park" not knowing what to expect. Had I consulted, like a normal person, a map, I would have seen that Balboa Park wasn't just a plot of grass, but rather a zoo, a cluster of museums, an area filled with awe-inspiring architecture and a lush, fragrant garden.
Admittedly, I sang this the whole drive from The Pearl to the park. (And now you are too.) I admired the  Spanish-style buildings, gawked at the beauty of the Botanical Building, had coffee overlooking the sculpture garden and, honestly, couldn't possibly have seen everything there was to see in a day.
I've become slightly obsessed with the history of the park, and have already started compiling a mental list of what to see on my next trip. John, everyone's right, it's absolutely a place to see. 

PS- While it is sunny in San Diego, today (in March) it looks like this here at home.