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A Love Letter History.

We can finally be friends again.

Dear 27,
It was one adventure after another this weekend. We celebrated Anthony's birthday. Lots of dancing, photos of Jenni, delicious and fraudulently free pizzas and a terrific evening that lasted late into the night.
Then supported the Des Moines Playhouse while Sip, Savor and Switch-ing throughout downtown Des Moines. So much incredible food and wine-- Chris the night was wonderful!
Then capped off the weekend with Eggs and Francis Bacon. A room full of all kinds of people I care so much about and a tour of the Des Moines Art Center led by Mr. Jeff Fleming...it was perfect.
(Thank you to everyone who came to the brunch-- it will go down as one of my very favorite days in Des Moines. Ever.)
OH and a new addition to my family (whew. Jenni we can finally be friends again)...
April means less travel, more time to finish up the big list. (Less than 2 months until the 2-8)