XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Backup Memory.

Dear 27,
A moment of silence for my MacBook. A clumsy spill left it covered in electrolyted water and potentially left me without any photographic evidence of the last two years of life. I now understand why people talk about "backing things up." (Damn you Mr. Harmon. You taught me how to type and play Jezzball, but not the importance of external hard drives.)
Before making my biggest blunder of year 27, I did attend the 3rd meeting of the Robert Burns Society and found that I very much enjoy the Dalmore Gran Reserva. The weekend, while I pouted about the possible loss of thousands of photos, did turn out to be a lovely one that included a tour of the Body Worlds: VITAL exhibit with the Governor, an epic Asian BBQ celebrating our Tone and an evening around the new fire pit.
With the birthday only 7 days away, I'm hustling to put together the SuperBirthdayBackyardBBQ and planning for the 28th year. So much to do in May...

And one more thing: If you've ever been the recipient of an original LP postcard-- help me build my "portfolio." Snap a photo of your postcard and upload it here. You'd be helping me out bigtime.