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A Love Letter History.

You're so Vein.

Dear 27,
I did it. In less than 9 minutes (and after a near, but not complete pass out) I saved 3 lives.

Chelsea and I met for a big pre-blood-giving breakfast at Baby Boomers and then, with my near-nurse there telling me "you're doing great," I started the process. I must admit the actual giving part was far less scary than I'd thought it would be. The questions to answer, the finger prick test (Kate you wouldn't have made it past this part) and the anticipation of it all was far worse than the actual blood giving. Katey, Terri and Denise were kind as could be (and looked at all my postcards while I was eating pretzels and trying to get the color back in my face post-donation). I met a man who has given over 9 gallons of blood (he was oh-so-kind while I asked him a bunch of questions) and learned so much about the effect a once-every-eight-weeks visit to the blood center can have on people's lives. I don't want to promise I'll be back, but after having so many wonderful people help me through the less-than-terrifying process, I think I'll have to try and muster up the strength.
The day of adventure continued with my first ever (I realize to you DSM people this is unbelievable) visit to the lovely Gray's Lake. This city continues to delight me.