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A Love Letter History.

Dear 28,

Dear 28,
The wrap up post has been written. The header has been changed. (What do you think?) The new list has been posted, facebooked and approved by my sister. The love letter is officially being written to a new year. GO.
I celebrated a bigtime birthday weekend that spanned 3 days and included time with Kate (her hair is indeed naturally blond and she is indeed awesome) and her first Fongs experience. There was a man dressed as a hot dog. Who fell on the floor.
Then there was the super terrific backyard bbq (where the gifts, the people and the words were so thoughtful I'm still floating around town on a high). Thanks so much Sara and Beka for being the kindest hostesses. Seriously. There was a book signed (for real) by the Rob Sheffield. That was written to me. (I still don't know how you Paluchs pulled that one off.) At one point I had to stand back and admire all the remarkable people in my life. It was perfect. (And then there were finale drinks at my favorite happy hour spot, Django, last night. 3 birthday parties isn't too much is it?)

I'm so unbelievably excited for 28.