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A Love Letter History.


Dear 28,
When I started writing out my 27 things back in May of 2010, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself, do some silly things I hadn't done before ("see a movie alone" was far less awesome and intimidating than I thought), further explore (and eventually fall in love with) my city and basically go on many adventures. (Which I did. Here. Here and Here.)
I think the most exciting part about the 27 list was the other stuff I did- the things I learned, the being more spontaneous, the soaking in everything while it was happening. I felt ultra-aware of what I was doing, how much fun it was, what was thrilling, who was there, what they said, what I saw. All because I wanted to write about it (some great posts. other mediocre.)

That kind of living is addicting.

When putting together the list for 28, I started with a big, big list of random (and some slightly ridiculous) items and had some loyal readers and friends weigh in with suggestions. After listening to the super cool kids from Make\Break talk about Rejection in their podcast, I felt inspired to hold onto some of my less loved list items. Here's a few of the rejects:
- See the Bridges of Madison County
I couldn't bring myself to read the book-which should come as no surprise-so I'm not sure seeing the actual Bridges sounds as exciting as something far more vague. Like see a monument. Although it does look charming. Maybe I'll see the movie instead.
- Buy cowboy boots
This guy (see photo) wears cowboy boots all the time. And does it well. I really just wanted to be more like him. And then realized that I probably couldn't wear pencil skirts with honkeytonk boots. Rejected.
- Play Laser Tag
I'm sure at least one of you will read this and feel disappointed that it's not on the official list...that doesn't mean it can't happen. But I think I'd end up getting hurt somehow. And writing about laser tag makes me want to watch How I Met Your Mother.
- Get a pet
It goes without saying that this is a terrible idea. I'm just now starting to like animals (sorry Jen and Kate) and I am never home. A fish has potential. We might get along swimmingly. But that didn't stop me from desperately wanting to take this dog home with me back in March. Shared custody puppy raising seemed brilliant while drinking vanilla-greyhounds out of a mason jar.
- Flip. A. Table.
I am not a New Jersey Housewife. I am not even that aggressive of a person (I don't even make a fuss when someone budges in front of me at Dahls. And really I should.) Sorry Adrienne. I think I'll leave this one to you. And will gladly film it.
- Go fishing
Going camping sounds scary enough.

Thanks for all the notes and excitement surrounding the list of 28. I've already started working on some!
(I ran this morning. When I say "run" I mean I'm thankful for Emily who didn't mock me at all during the brutal 1.5 miles.)