XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Won't you take me to MuskieTown.

Dear 27,
I have a spectacular life. I realize this is a bold statement. I realize it might be hyperbolic. But damn it was a great weekend. I kicked my Friday off early visiting new baby Xavier and then lunching with the ever-lovely Paige.
Then there was the most terrific moment (hours later) when I sold a whole bunch of cards in less than 10 minutes based on the unnecessarily kind words and promotion of my lil postcards by a friend, a iphone viewing of my incomplete postcardfolio and the existence of Dwolla. Saturday turned out to be the busiest most relaxingly fun day ever. There was Ephemera and Hill Vintage and a #spacemexican birthday party. And there was a photo booth and a hat and my DSM family in matching shirts.

I then finally made it back to MuskieTown (I'm sorry fam for not getting back to hometown until now. Christmas was far too long ago). We hit Salvatores, of course and then made a short trip to the Muscatine Art Center. While our tour lasted no more than 20 minutes, it was worth it.
The most splendid weekend in quite some time.