XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

So you want to support a postcard empire? Perfect.

Dear 28,
After a blogging hiatus I know many readers have jumped the xo-lp ship (hey I get it, I should post more to  keep your interest in this 28th year of my life), but if you're still here-- I could use your help.
As I continue working on my little side biz, I have realized that while I've created, sent and enjoyed making a whole slew of postcards, I rarely (or haven't really ever) documented what I've been sending. Terrible. I know. So here's where you come in. To save me.
At some point I hope I've sent you something like this (see above.) If so, snap a quick photo of it (on that fancy phone, your sweet camera or even scan it) and upload it HERE
You'll be helping me create a bitty portfolio (and catalogue my ideas). And I will be eternally grateful.
Thanks a whole bunch. You're the greatest 9 readers in all the blogland.
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