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A Love Letter History.

There's a pizza beret on my head.

Dear 28,
I love the days that start and end perfectly. (Even if the "perfect ending" involves poorly playing a guitar that's being held like a modified violin while singing and giggling and trying to musically illustrate zodiac signs until you laugh so hard you actually tear up.)
Due to the kindness of Tom, we hit one of the new Winefest activities for an "interactive cooking session" with Barilla's head chef. (This happened in June. I must get better at timely blogging...) We made those most delectable pasta (with cheese that was the most delicious cheese I've ever tasted. And was flown in from Italy the day prior. So it probably will continue to be the most delicious cheese I've ever tasted. Until I go to Italy.) I was volunteered to be chef #1 (that's the first to cook, not necessarily the best) and barring a few comments from the man at the table who loves his salt, I did pretty well for cooking under pressure and to the direction of an Italian speaking man.
A video exists of me cooking and will be posted once I get it. It's not that funny.

We had course #2 cooked by a far more experienced chef and then headed out to the lovely Meredith Test Garden for dessert, smuggled wine and general merriment. Barilla wasn't the end of the day, but rather the start to a wild one. We ended up at the Gas Lamp right as it opened. We met people, ruled the soundtrack and drew on any scrap of paper I was handed. 
(Thanks Adrienne)
It was really one of those perfect Des Moines days that we're still talking about. And really, when you end the evening wearing a pizza beret, what's not to talk about.