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A Love Letter History.

28 has been busier than 27.

Dear 28,
I think 28 has already outdone 27 and we're only a couple months in. I've had a blogless 6ish weeks and so much has happened I don't know where to start this turbo speed recap.
Got to introduce Janer to the delights of Des Moines. She cooked, she cleaned, she wrote thank you notes.

There was that little music festival at the month's beginning: 80/35 rocked my socks off. So much good stuff to see. So much sangria to be had. So much I should write but don't have time to document.
We watched (and napped through) Jaws on the lawn of the DMAC (in honor of Tim).
Tom's birthday celebrated over lawn games, kind company and a medal I didn't win but was able to wear.
Dinner with an artist who was sassy, a postcard hater, quite talented and shared my love of whiskey.
In other July news, I witnessed two perfect weddings (photos to come) in Missouri and Illinois, traveled to Minneapolis, dined with another artist, celebrated the end of the 4404 era, moved into the Stoop, was holed up on the couch for four sick days, and fell in love, again, with confetti.
It's no surprise (after writing all that out) that there hasn't been much time to blog. Off on vacation but upon return- big news in the postcard biz, an ode to the 4404 and more list-cross-things-off adventures.
Until then.