XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

So maybe you've heard I draw things...

Dear 28,
So maybe you've heard: I draw things. For at least the last five years I've been using highlighters and an unlimited supply of punny material (Some have been funnier than others, I will admit that.) and nearly 1000 postcard stamps to entertain myself and send mail to a whole bunch of people I like.
PKN 03/11 - Over 40 cards to hand out.
And then, poof*, someone wants to (gasp) buy them from me. In the past year I've sold at my favorite local stationary shop, Ephemera, fulfilled several custom orders (it's hard to make Easter funny, but I was hoppy to try for somebunny special), and even did a couple sets.
And then, a couple weeks ago, I was asked by my friends at Dwolla to help out with something big time. In one week I sort of became a real illustrator. (At least that's what I'm calling it.) 75 printed postcards went out inviting Dwolla peeps to "meet up" on August 24th- you should go too. I'm so excited about it. Probably a little too much, but thanks to Sara, it all came together. 
Sketching the top 20 cards for the printing.
I'm trying to grow my little postcard biz ever so slowly. I'm not that business savvy and after years of doing this for fun, it's hard to think of it in that way. I have all kinds of people willing to help me get moving (Francy Pants- you will get your cards first, promised) and lots holding me and my highlighters accountable. Then there's tax ids, plans, craft shows, displays, storage of 2,000 cards and wholesaling to worry about, which seems like a whole lot. Soon I'll be printed. Soon. In the meantime, thanks for supporting my itty bitty postcard empire.

(Fast forward to August 13, 2013 and here I am still printing cards and sending mail. Read more about the new projects, plans and the [gasp] year 30 list at http://xo-lp.com)

*It wasn't really some sort of magic "poof." Actually it was more like a lot of people thinking what I make is cool. Then talking about it. And then telling more people about it. Then the poof happened. I have really terrific people willing to talk about me, or at least talk good things about my whimsy highlighter drawings.