XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.


Dear 28,
My midmonth Tuesday was quite the success. In fact this whole week, while a bit crazed, was a success. (And I did end up on the cover of the Register. That was weird.)
But. First. Let's pause for a super cute baby.
Emily, you are also cute in your own tall and blonde and charming way, but your kid is awesome. So back to the church trip. Emily offered to peek inside the Basilica with me. We forded the ghetto and tried the doors. (FYI- if you venture east of MLK to St. John's, head to the back doors, the majestic front ones are locked.) 
One more baby interruption.
We wandered around to the back doors in time for the noon mass crowd and, when we finally made it to the back of the church: whoa. How I have never been inside this breathtaking church that sits mere blocks from my office is beyond me. The gilded ceiling. The distinguished columns. Damn. (I didn't say damn in church. Don't worry Sister Jean Margaret.) Well worth the trip. Next time I'll actually stay for Mass and be a good Catholic.
From the basilica to the Knapp. After several years of season ticket holding, it had been far-too-long since my last visit (I feel like I'm repenting to the Knapp.) No better time to go back than for the instate rivalry, the battle on I35 (does anyone call it that?): Drake v ISU.

As you can see there was lots of hustle from the Bulldogs. That's what that blackberry photo was attempting to capture: hustle. With the Mayor at the helm, Iowa State was the favorite, especially considering the Dennis Rodman wannabe out-weighs our point guards, combined, by about 36 lbs. My basketball buddy was cheering for the wrong team, but thankfully wore neutral colors (who really looks good in red and gold anyway? Am I right?) Oh and then my team won. So that was awesome.
So much more to write about. Week 3 had many an adventure.

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