XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Yesvember update.

Dear 28,
1. Try a new bourbon.
2. Make a pie for Thanksgiving.
3. See the Hawkeyes play live. (It's #13.)
4. Stir up something out of the "Cook with Jamie" book you couldn't live without.
5. Peek inside the Basilica of St. John.
6. Renew my passport.
7. Create a line of XO-LP Holiday cards.
8. Eat at Cafe di Scala.
9. Decorate the Stoop for Christmas.
10. Build a human pyramid.
11. Read a book. (This just can't seem to happen)
12. Go to the Des Moines Symphony.
13. Master the art of winter layers. And fearlessly wear tights.
14. Cheer on the Bulldogs at a basketball game.
15. See a play.
16. See Des Moines' Bass Pro Shop. (If it's cool in Springfield...)
17. Walk across that Center Street Bridge.
18. Take more photobooth photos.
19. Celebrate the onset of the holidays (and sell a bunch of cards) at the East Village Holiday Promenade.
20. Walk through that Woodland Cemetery.
22. Go to a movie.
23. Take a yoga class. Maybe more than once.
24. Go see the ArtVend machine up in Ames.
25. Play cards.
26. Perform with Our Kelly.
27. Light the sparklers. Even though they are out of season.
28. Retry baking a cake.

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