XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Winner. Winner. Turkey Dinner.

Dear 28,
Spoiler alert: We won.
Gretchen  put together a tournament, I signed up partnerless and ready to re-learn* my Euchre "skills." She kindly sent out a Euchre how-to and I, of course, researched the origins of the game. Six tables. 12 teams. And one super cute baby. We took to the tables and battled it out to see which team would trump the others.
Photos thanks to Tim. (Thanks Tim)
Lindsay and I took home the coveted trophy and the turkey, winning the first Euchre Night. (In an admittedly controversial, but still completely legitimate way.)
Here are a few things I learned in the Euchredome (which is what I'm now calling the Paluch's home, formally known as #scotchclubplace):
1- I'm a teacher's pet. Still. I read the rules Gretchen sent out. But at least I knew Brianne did too. Oh and I did additional research.(I tried to put an interesting Euchre fact out there--"did you know Euchre is thought to be a German card game that gained popularity in Michigan?" It wasn't exactly well received. I think there were audible groans. That was the end of interesting Euchre facts. Obviously.)
2- I have really competitive friends. Like really competitive. Like ultra competitive.
3- Hook references are lost on most people. Come on. It was 1991. Rufio grew on you throughout the movie and you know you cried when he was stabbed by the Hook. "Bangarang Peter!"
4- Scoring systems upset people and Boise State. Scoring systems just can't please everyone. Sorry Steve.
5- Clubs and Spades actually look quite different. I can't seem to tell the difference. (Sort of like how I don't know right from left.) But because Lindsay is kind, she didn't make fun of me for it and allowed me to call them "shovels" and "clovers" (much better descriptions of their shapes)
6- "Picking up tricks" is rarely unfunny to say outloud.
7- Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins, according to the tournament director, "taste like dirt feels."
In the end, three rounds were played, three teams were left undefeated and the Tournament Director took it to the individual game scores. So we "won." And I held my winnings over the heads of the Harders. Sorry Steve.
I crossed off #25 for Yesvember. I reconciled with Lily (shown above looking studious) and I think she's pretty much over the beanbag incident (although I'm not sure I'll ever be). Winner.
xo- LP

*Anne, Katie and Jeans taught me euchre in college. Thanks friends. Sorry I never won games on the 710 E. Jefferson porch. But last night, oh last night I was a winner.