XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Week one is done.

Dear 28,
Let's talk progress. Firstly, I've blogged three times in November, that's a new 28 record. Secondly, the list has already started serving it's wonderful purpose again: I'm getting excited about little things, writing about them, and enjoying each day of the month of Yes.
In the first short 6 days of the month I've managed to cross off 4 items (now if only November would be 7 weeks long...) Here's where the the scoop, and I've included some commentary. Because that's what I do.

4. Stir up something out of the "Cook with Jamie" book you couldn't live without.
Good news: I picked out a recipe. Bad news: I wimped out and had delicious pizza at J. Benjamins instead.
7. Create a line of XO-LP Holiday cards.
This one. In progress. So holiday-ish.
12. Go to the Des Moines Symphony.
Will and I spent the afternoon at the symphony today enjoying "Beyond the Score" and learning a whole bunch about Mr. Muggorgsky (he was called "Modest." Who names their child that? A lot to live up to if you ask me) and Russian folk songs and witnessed a stage full of brilliant musicians. Afternoons like that remind me how much Des Moines has that I don't appreciate daily. Read what Michael had to say about his visit to the symphony. And while reading it, know I beat Michael in euchre.
13. Master the art of winter layers. And fearlessly wear tights.
I'm doing my research and cataloging my inspiration.
22. Go to a movie.
Movie not terrific, but my companion was a delight. It was a slow moving story that didn't impress me as much as the one preview I saw did. Although it did make me want to be in Puerto Rico in the 60s. And dress like this. 
26. Perform with Our Kelly.
We did a practice run at Carl's on Friday. I've decided we'd be more effective in R.Kelly themed outfits.

Going to LA for a short trip this week. But that won't get in the way of list progress. Back to trying to draw a sheep. (I mean last week I drew an Elvis. And I did a mariachi band of trees. But this damn sheep. Every time I sketch it turns out baaaaa-d.)