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A Love Letter History.

Packed to the gunwalls with surprises.

Dear 28,
2011 ended. 68 blogposts later, it's over.
This year was certainly full of surprises: full of unexpected thrills, unanticipated successes, shocking pain and unpredicted blessings. (Thank you thesaurus) I've been reflecting on my 2011, trying to come up with  my favorite bits, and while there were many, here's a few highlights. (Surprising ones of course)
It surprised me how much I love to wear yellow. I was surprised by how much talking in front of a crowd makes my knees shake. I was surprised by how quickly life can change, how much I miss her, how kind strangers could be and how senseless the world can seem. I was surprised by how thrilling a night of glitter and hairspray and lights and art can be. It surprised me that in a mere nine minutes I can give blood and life to someone. And then surprised by how quickly that can make me pass out.
I was surprised by the Paluchs and Rob Sheffield. I was surprised how the pillowy beds at the Double Tree in Springfield helped me actually rest on my vacation, how finding the kindest of people has made everyday better and that John Mellencamp completes all roadtrips. I was surprised by my songwriting skills when fueled by a day of Barilla and a pizza beret. It surprised me to see how these new digs have brought me so much joy. 
I was surprised by the most delicious cake of all time: buttercake. It surprised me just how awesome I was at wiffle ball during batting practice and just how terrible I was during the games. I was surprised by September, by every little bit of it, and delighted by it. I was surprised by a sushi dinner and the Alpine and the days and weeks and splendid months that continue to follow. (I will forever be in love with September) It surprised me that I have accidentally amazing aim when no-look throwing a bean bag. And I was surprised I still know how to win at euchre.
It surprised me how patient I can be while cooking french chicken in Tom's fancy kitchen. I was surprised by a fever at the end of Iowa's boring loss to Nebraska but still had a memorable day. It surprised me (and still does) that people buy and send my postcards and that they showed up in full supportive force at the Stoop for the party. It surprised me that I'd never been in the Hancock building and that I got to go, with my cool sister Jen. I was surprised by how many of us were able to come out for the BeThereBeStupid crawl and how much my whole family danced.
(thanks DMSC and Joe Crimmings for the pic)
I feel so excited for 2012. Like when you went to bed as a kid when the sky was pink and the weather lady was telling to you hunker down and be ready for a big snow and that snow-day excitement kept you up too late. That's how I feel. Like there might just be a whole bunch of metaphorical snow days. (and I know just who will send me an email laughing at this phrase.) Regardless, I can't wait.

Wishing you the very best in 2012.
"28", "des moines"LAURAComment