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A Love Letter History.

This month ahead.

Dear 28,
Oh January. Like everyone else using the Gregorian calendar, I have big plans for you. A new year is rejuvenating. (That word sounds like it's only used in Neutrogena commercials) There'll be many meals, budgeting, hot pink calendar making, love letter writing and lots of time at the office.
After about twelve days off from 8-5 life, I'm getting back on track (and even got my lazy bones outta bed by 5:13am to get back to the glaza studio two days in a row.) I've been in the kitchen a bunch lately, cooking for my good-lookin people. Cooked up some mole (talk about lots of ingredients, layers of flavor, and use of the mini-magic-bullet-knockoff-blender), roasted my first chicken, my very own chicken stock that went into this simple and tasty creamy carrot soup (I am crazy about my new immersion blender, just crazy about it) the go-to eggplant recipe and made the easiest delicious ricotta dumplings. Big plans to keep cookin in January. (It'll make my Mint emails be easier to look at when the bar/restaurant budget is manageable and less gasp-worthy and hopefully impress those good-lookin people)
(Thanks DMSC + Joe Crimmings for the 2012 party photo)
Bring on the metaphorical snow days. (this phrase has a three post maximum)