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A Love Letter History.

A giant Yesvember wrap up

Dear 29,
I did such a great job keeping track of Yesvember successes, but a terrible job of sharing them with you, loyal readers.
1. Yoga (Off a good start in the "less stress" mission)
2. Play a board game
3. Celebrate Black Friday Market Day success
Seriously. It was an incredible day. Thanks DSM.
4. Cook a turkey for my first (sad) Palmer family-less Thankgiving
I actually cooked that gleaming bird.
5. Start training for that pull-up (ish)
6. Perfect a mulled wine recipe
7. Send 9 letters written in cursive
8. Bake a pie
That's me screenprinting a onesie. Very focused. Thanks Sara.

9. Yoga (worth adding twice)
10. Vote
11. Renew my passport
12. Find another use for dried shrimp
13. Shoot a gun
14. Host the second annual XO-LP Holiday open house

15. Read a book  (I read TWO. Gasp)
16. Craft a holiday decoration
17. Watch an episode of Twin Peaks
18. Try this Zumba thing
19. Watch the sun rise and set. Both in one day.
20. Walking taco night part two (Served Walking Tacos to two great people who had NEVER heard of walking tacos.)

21. Fish (I can't believe this is on the list either)
22. Research new postcard retail locations
23. Yoga (hey. why not. relaxing list items are tough to come up with)
24. Find a reason to wear the gown again
25. Photobooth

26. Meditate again, oh, and write about it
27. See the Moberg Gallery
28. Eat at Chucks, finally (the amaretto cookies. oh man)

29. Cross the Center Street Bridge.

Still didn't cross that bridge. Maybe it's just not meant to be.
Onto December.
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