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Back by Scotchclub Demand: Mixtape Exchange 2012

Dear 29,
It's back. And in pink. The mixtape exchange. This year I vow to find a speedy matching system and to remind each participant, at least twice, to actually mail your mixtape buddy that coveted CD of 2012's greatest hits.

Here are the rules (AGAIN):
1- Email me at xo.lp.blog@gmail.com your name + mailing address by January 4th if you'd like to participate.

2- You will receive an email with the name + mailing address of your mixtape buddy by January 11th.

3- Pull together your favorite tracks of 2012 and make your playlist.
    3a- One song per artist please (Bat for Lashes had a couple good tracks this year, but stick to only putting Laura on your disc. Or just one song per artist.)
    3b- Try to compile a list that's about 60 minutes long. Bonus discs are nice too, but at least one hour of rocking will delight your mixtape buddy.
    3c- All songs should be from 2012. (Try to stick to this. It's a great challenge.)

4- Burn your mixtape on a CD. (Not a cassette Andy) 

5- Send out your carefully packaged 2012 mixtape to your buddy by January 31st. 

(Seriously. Send it out. That's what makes this fun.)

Check out these sites if you need some inspiring lists of 2012's best:

NPR, Paste, Rolling Stone, Pretty Much Amazing, Indie Music Filter and Greg will surely post one soon...

Now get mixin.