XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

Waaarm December.

Dear 29,
It's been so mild this December. I mean yesterday I was in a short sleeved dress in my autumnal jacket and feeling a little toasty. It's made me sing this song. But with modified lyrics. Like the blog post title.
Even on Kate's 23rd birthday it was warm. Go Kate! Final Papers! YAY grad school!
Scotchmas night was warm enough that we had the stoop door flung open for most of the evening. Jura Superstition had a weird, good-fortune-granting-ritual-drinking that, while the scotch wasn't the tastiest, did force the scotch drinkers to finish the bottle within the day it was opened. (Seriously. It says that right on the box. The Isle of Jura must be a secluded partyzone of Scotland full of fortunate scotch drinkers.)

I made scotch eggs. Not because they are a delicate and delicious food to pair with scotch, but because "scotch" is in the name of them. Clever, I know.
There've been so many custom holiday card orders rolling in that I feel like a legit illustrator some days. Thanks for that friends and Market Day goers. You could say the postcard biz is heating up just like the weather (hilarious.)
Finally, be sure to check out my friend Jen's world tour page and read about how she's setting off (very soon) to change the world in 11 months. You'll want to support her mission, I know I do.