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Love Letters to a New Year.

1 day left, but here's why 30 is where it's at

Dear 30,

This will be the last letter I write to you, sweet 30. 

A year ago I launched this new sight after writing a love letter to a decade that was passing. (Man that was a great letter. And 29 does now feel like a "small blip on my life's radar."  I just quoted myself. Is that weird?)

I only wrote 12 letters to things other than year 30. I didn't cook my own lobster (but did become slightly obsessed with cooking and eating artichokes.) I didn't yet kayak or work on Larry's farm. But I did find so, so much joy in my new decade. I got to move in with HBF, I threw our first house party for two of my favorite people as they left for a new life in Milwaukee, I fished for so many fish and ate dinner nearly every summer night at our Home Depot patio set on our deck. (Kevin still claims this is the "greatest purchase we made for this house.")

In year 30 I valued quiet time and cable television and nights with no plans. In year 30 I went to Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Chicago, twice. In this new decade I held at least 14 babies. In year 30 there was so much dancing and party going and tambourine playing and two performances of Total Eclipse of the Heart. In year 30 I styled my hair at least 5 different ways. 

In this new decade I helped my little sister pick out her wedding gown, watched another sister wear a graduation gown as she earned her masters degree and helped the other sister settle down in her Des Moines apartment for the summer. (Best sentence so far? I agree.) 

In year 30 I've been a boss, a roommate, an illustrator, a Filson user, a person who wears dresses, a fisherwoman, a builder, a planter, an (gasp) Iowa State fan, a #mondaypunday producer, a CSA launcher, a gala planner, a matchmaker, a comic book dropout, a speaker, a tour guide, a welcome wagon, an artist, an advocate for the Fire Department, a writer, a girl who wears bracelets and most recently, a fiancé.

In this new decade I've had my share of doubts and fears and moments where I want to stomp my feet like a tantrum throwing kid (…I may have stomped my feet a couple times…) but the difference between this year and last, between this decade and the one before, is how I moved on. In year 30 I learned how to own the unknown, how to be more patient, even when it's so, so hard. Apparently I'm a Calmer Palmer in my new decade. 

In the past 364 days I've felt so much joy. So much. That kind of joy that you feel instantly, not the kind that a short recap blog post makes you feel retroactively. You were such a big part of that joy. (You. Yes you. I am talking about you.) Thank you for joy filling my new decade.

In year 30 I've been present in a way that was new and wonderful and honest. So much good has come my way this past month. Keep it coming, 31. I can't wait to meet you.