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Love Letters to a New Year.

8/11 : Beeverdale

Dear 31,

A short day of #fairlife (we're talking a short 4 hours of fair time) made me wanna be a bee keeper. 

8/11 : Beeverdale

In the few fair hours of today I successfully got stuck behind, not a train car, but a train of cattle and an old, suspender wearing man on a scooter who just so happened to be scootin' by grandfather's barn. (Which almost made me laugh as much as the gyro in the sheep barn.) 

Then I snagged a honey lemonade (second floor, ag building. State Fair Tip Alert! MUST DO!) While in line I asked about 26 questions of the bee keepers. Bees are a lady run society: the queen is revered (I'd call that queen BEEYONCE), worker bees are actually chick bees (#girlboss). And I gotta say, although bees freak me out, I considered beekeeping as something we could totally do, Kev. You know how much I love honey. One man urged me to consider becoming an urban beekeeper (legal in DSM city limits) and I told him I'd call my hive "beeverdale." He gave me a courtesy laugh. I gave me a big, bad, belly laugh.

Three days left for this queen bee of the fun forest.


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