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Love Letters to a New Year.

10/11 : Abe Lincoln Spin Art

Dear 31,

Day 10 of 11 was all work and no play. I played spin art master, which means I got to do a whole bunch of art experiments with cool kids and leave the fair with paint all over my hands.

10/11 : Abe Lincoln Spin Art

That's it guys. Abraham Lincoln. Spin art. 

Abe and about 75 other kids doing spin art + over 90,000 state fair attendees. That was day 10. 

My feet ache and I'm starting to pack for the immediately following getaway. 

One. More. Day.


ps- Day 9's post was done and then disappeared. I'll give it a rewrite and try to make it as funny as it was the first time, because on Day 9 I danced, blindfolded, in the pavilion.

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