XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Sometimes you just need a kick in the chakra.

Dear 31,

Girl. I've been a downer lately.

This working for yourself biz means you've got a lot of time to get in your own head, analyze your strengths and (mostly) weaknesses. #goingsolo takes a lot of positive self-talk and in August I was not the kindest boss.

I needed a swift kick in the chakra. So when September snuck up on me, I set my sights on a new mentality. September has brought me luck (and love) before [see #6 on this list], so the time seemed right to get myself out of my head and set myself into action. So far that chakra kickin' has put me in an honest, more clearly centered headspace. 

Be fearless. Be focused. Stop whining. You make your own magic.

In September I've kayaked. In September I've witnessed the kind of sunsets that make you gasp a little, say "wow" outloud and wish you could hold onto those colors in little jars. In September I've learned about cosplay and drawn superhero symbols. 

It's all a mind game, really. Brains are powerful. (Easily the strongest muscle in my being. It's certainly not my triceps.) In September I'm using my super powers for good.