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A Love Letter History.

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Dear 27,
After not running a 5k on Sunday, I was not tired. I was a little sun burned (damn you fair freckled cheeks), but that didn't stop me from visiting a few new places in DSM.
After much deliberation, many menu items at the Rock Bottom Brewery and even a call to a place in Indianola that offers hot air balloon rides on Sundays, we settled on venturing to the northeast side.
The Brass Armadillo is a magical place.
Filled to the brim with "antiques" (Gothika on DVD is not, nor ever will it be an antique, hence the quotation marks. Some things didn't really qualify), the B.A. is the size of a small village and could furnish each one of the apartments at 3000 Grand, maybe. Vendors empty the contents of their basements, like literally everything they have that may or may not be of value to someone else, into booths that hold everything from baby mannequin heads to old-school-sleds. Anthony, Craig and I browsed up and down the aisles finding all kinds of treasures. I came home with this little postcard (and a bunch of sneezing).
The next few weeks are full of travel and adventures. Including tonight. Where I'll get cookin.