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A Love Letter History.

It was all a dream.

Dear 27,
It was one hell of a party that exceeded even my highest expectations. 299 people. Bad Dreamin' at the Des Moines Art Center. I guided tours through an incredible exhibit that I had one point five hours to learn about...and don't think I was that bad at it.
 Thanks JUICE. You're awesome. All of you. As people. And as party promoters. And as attendees.
You're awesome. Just absolutely awesome. (how was that? too much? or accurate? Edited. By an editor.)
I was so lucky to have so many of my friends shell out the cash, get all dolled up and come to the ball.
Thanks a bunch friends-- You're more awesome than Juice.
There might be too many uses of the word "awesome" in this post, but really, that's the only adjective I can come up with right now. Big time awesome, indeed.
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