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A Love Letter History.

"So you just rode a roller coaster (by yourself?) in the middle of the work day in California."*

Dear 27,
I've seen a whole bunch of cool people and places since arriving in San Diego.
I met for coffee in the art deco San Diego county building where I saw 4 couples getting married, a woman dressed like a monk, 3 people I assumed were paying parking tickets and lots of tile.
Phil and Skyla introduced me to Craft & Commerce where I tried the Hell's Kitchen and noshed on Devils on Horseback. I didn't mean to pick things associated with satan. It just happened that way. (Thank you P and S for finding such a classy spot for me to drink Rye and get to know you both!)
Met up with John and talked Phonathon over tacos at Ranchos.
Cruised Ocean Beach and found noon. The shop gal was delightful and I couldn't resist picking up a pair of handmade earrings. The girls of noon have specialty paper goods and lots of jewelry to choose from.
I browsed COW and thumbed through records and posters.
But the highlight of the trip was Belmont Park.
I paid my $6 for a roller coaster ride. The Giant Dipper in all its rickety splendor. One minute and forty five seconds of whirling around turns. I could see the ocean the entire time I wasn't closing my eyes. It was thrilling. And I almost rode it again. Because it was that much fun.

* Blog title quote thanks to the venerable Tim Paluch.