XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

No packet pick up on race day.

Dear 27,
After a long trek back from CA, I was gearing up for the secret 5k Jenni and I have been "training" for. Yes. Training. I was, as some of you know, a runner at one point in life, but years have passed since Washburn and we decided in the spirit of my list of 27 things we'd add a bonus 5k!
Here's what we learned Sunday at the Des Moines Marathon (which included the 3 mile race as well):
1. It's cold in Iowa on October mornings.
2. The marathon makes your feet hurt.
3. 9 year old boys and 62 year old women run faster than you.
4. More cowbell is a good idea.
5. You and Jenni will always dress alike even at 7am.
6. Johnny's, no matter how hard you try, will not open until 11 on Sundays.
7. Hand holding, fist pumping and pointing to the sky will get the crowd revved up as you cross the finish line.

8. You're not allowed to run without a bib number. And oh yes, bib numbers have to be picked up before the race day. Like on Friday. Or even Saturday. But not Sunday morning.

We were surprisingly bummed, but not sad enough to run the race "just for fun" and not for time. We had a great day of cheering on the many runners (congrats to my friends who ran the races-- 13 miles is a big time accomplishment!)

Looks like we'll have to give this 5k another go...