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A Love Letter History.

The Pearl is a gem.

Dear 27,
San Diego has been cloudy and damp, but the Pearl is nothing but cool. The staff is young, hip and friendly, the digs are nautical and there's a beta fish in my room named Felix. The Pearl lobby walls are draped in stone (with the occasional glittery rock. nice.), near the check in desk there's a "lounge area" stocked with board games, shag carpet and a mirrored ceiling. The pool is salt water (a little fun fact) and there's a vertical garden. I've been fawning over the idea of a vertical garden. And here. At the Pearl they have a bitty wall filled with cascading succulents.
When I arrived on Wednesday night I planned to write a few thank you notes and reports in the restaurant and have a cocktail, three hours later I was still in my chair enjoying the Fantastic Mr. Fox poolside with a local brew and a most delicious dinner. (There should be emphasis on the "most delicious" part. Squash blossoms with chevre. A tuna steak with wasabi potatoes, bacon, brussel sprouts and mushrooms. Plus chocolate cake. And bourbon with honey and lemon. Most Delicious. Photos to prove it.)
The Pearl hosts "dive-in" movies on Wednesday nights with an outdoor screen and a trendy crowd filing in and out throughout the evening. My waiter, Vaughn, was born in Ames. (Of course he would be.) In fact, by check out I'd guess these Pearl people will feel like friends.
I'd absolutely stay here in Point Loma at the Pearl again-- you should check it out.