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A Love Letter History.

Paul Donato and his Nielsen Survey.

Dear 28,
Sorry, Paul Donato, for using your name in the blog title. I didn't have any idea what to call tonight's post, and your Nielsen survey you sent me to fill out is sitting here, staring at me, reminding me that while I completed it and documented a whole week of TV watching, I have yet to send you my "television diary." (I apparently watch less that 4 hours of TV a week. Two of which were devoted to the Sing Off. Yep- I admit it. See this explanation.) Thank you, Paul Donato, for choosing me to participate in this survey and the $35 you've sent me for doing so. You bought a round of drinks at the Alpine last weekend.
Yesvember week 2 was not as productive, but I had an unexpected trip to Beverly Hills midweek that took me away from list cross-off-ing. While out in fancytown, California, my intolerable blackberry decided to die, thus there are no charming photos to share. I did get to come back and see the fam in Muskietown, then hurry home for a delightful evening of unexpectedly awesome music. The weekend closed with a Thanksgiving feast (Thanks Ashley!)
Week 3 looks to be a busy one according to my outlook. Should cross off at least 6 items (ambitious I know.) It's already November 13th. Can you believe that?
Thanks Paul Donato. You made this post less boring.